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Girl Throws Gift In Trash, Mom Uses Plastic Bag To Teach Her Gratitude

When a hard-working Florida mom went out of her way to find the perfect gift for her daughter, she never imagined the surprise would send her child spiraling into a meltdown. After the 6-year-old threw the present in the trash, her fed-up mother used a plastic bag and “tough-love” to teach her daughter a lesson in gratitude. Did she go too far?

Haley Hassell has worked hard as a single mom to take care of her daughter Presleigh all on her own, making sure her child “gets what she needs and then some.” Although she was a young mom and single, Haley never let that hold her back. She went to school and studied hard to become a registered nurse so she could give her daughter all the best in life. Read the full story here ▶