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Father Inflicts Severe Injuries on 2-Month-Old Baby, Admits to Harming Infant Due to Crying

According to the police officials, the 39-year-old father, later identified as Michael, was arrested and later charged with multiple charges, including: child abuse – intentionally causing great bodily harm and child abuse – intentionally causing harm after he seriously injured his 2-month-old baby son.

Hospital staff told investigators that the child suffered a subdural hematoma, bruising on both sides of his face and eyelids, as well as his chest, scr0tum, back, butt0cks, and legs.

On Sept. 7, 2023, officers responded to the local hospital after doctors called 911 regarding a baby with serious injuries. Police officials said the baby had bruises from head to toe and bleeding in the brain. Read the full story here ▶