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Driver Gets Strange Feeling About Boy On Bus. Then He Looks At His Feet And Sees It

The driver gets a strange feeling about a boy on the bus, and then he looks at his feet and sees it every day. Bus drivers convey hundreds of people, and they watch a variety of people board and exit their buses. Some are regulars, while others are only seen on that particular day. Tim Watson has had exactly this scenario on his everyday bus route. However, a couple of fresh faces would become permanently imprinted on his consciousness.

One fateful day, Watson had no idea what he would have to do next when a guy and a young boy boarded his bus. Watson, on the other hand, would become a hero thanks to his keen eyes and instinctive movements. Tim Watson didn’t expect anything unusual when he got to work and Friday morning, for the bus driver most days were pretty much. Read the full story here ▶