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Doctors Dismissed This Girl’s Agony As Growing Pains, But An X Ray Prompted A Far Worse Diagnosis

Doctors dismissed this girl’s agony as growing pains, but an X-ray prompted a far worse diagnosis. When Abri Bentley awoke to scream in her sleep, her mother was, of course, concerned her mind was put at rest. However, when doctors confirmed that the pains in her daughter’s leg were simply growing pains. But after Abrey’s discomfort showed no sign of abating, a biopsy revealed a terrible diagnosis. Abre comes from Scottsdale, Arizona, and lives with her mum, Nicole, her dad, Rod, and her sisters Ashley and Arya.

Now back to the story. Indeed, Habra’s favorite thing to do was dance and perform on stage. I always danced when I was little, she later told Phoenix News channel KPNX. Read the full story here ▶