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‘Doctor Strange 2’: Ending Explained and All Your Questions Answered

A bunch of universes collide Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessso the end might need a bit of unpacking before you get in his post-credits scenes. That Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel came DisneyPlus Last month.

Multiverse of Madness saw director Sam Raimi Returning to Marvel for the first time since his The Spider-Man trilogy concluded in 2007. The film begins when an encounter with new hero America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) forces former Sorcerer Supreme to step down from the lead role Marvel Cinematic Universe and explore new realities while seeking help from fellow Avenger Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen).

“Even if the film’s nominal hero feels a little lost, a strong central chase keeps the narrative moving, and the blend of adventure, horror, and action is balanced with a swagger worthy of the cocky superhero Doctor Strange himself,” said CNET’s Rich Knightwell in his review.

These events take place after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Homesaw the Strange Help Pete Parker to Mysterios revealed the teenager’s secret identity in the whole world.

It’s time to see how Doctor Stephen Strange’s adventures in the multiverse of SPOILER closes. We also have a separate article Delve into the post-credits scenesif they have fascinated you, a look at the illuminati and a List of WTF questions The film left us.

Scarlet Witch, corrupted

Determined to reunite with her magically created sons Billy and Tommy after losing them in the United States WandaVision FinaleWanda Maximoff took America Chavez to her drafty Temple of the Scarlet Witch atop Mount Wundagore.

Corrupted by The Darkhold, a book about forbidden magic, she begins to cast a spell to steal America’s power to create portals between realities – which is a little mean, as it proves deadly for the new hero will prove.

Wanda Maximoff won’t be renewing her Avengers membership card anytime soon.

Marvel Studios

However, this allows Wanda to enter a reality where her cubs exist. Previously, she could only enter this universe through dark magic known as dreamwalking, which allowed her to temporarily take over the body of her Earth-838 counterpart, interact with her sons, and hunt down our heroes.

It seems Sorcerer Supreme Wong (Benedict Wong) has been killed since Wanda dropped him off a cliff after trying to stop her plan to sacrifice America.

Undead Stranger

Strange and his ex-girlfriend Christine Palmer’s Earth-838 variant are trapped in a reality where Sinister Strange – a distorted version of himself who invaded the Darkhold of this world – caused an apocalyptic event.

They defeat this world’s Strange, leaving him impaled on a fence, and MCU Strange uses the Darkhold to dream-walk into the corpse of Defender Strange – a version of him who was killed helping America.

Extremely badass.

Marvel Studios

This forbidden act causes the spirits of the damned to hunt Strange, but the undead hero manages to tame the spirits and transforms them into an awesome shadow cloak – I might need an action figure of that.

Confrontation with Wanda

Since there’s no way Wong could be thrown off a mountain, he manages to climb back to the temple just as his corpse-inhabiting pal arrives. They free America sending Wanda to Earth-838 and their evil exposing Billy and Tommy to that reality.

Seeing how her whole “demonic witch” vibe gets the boys upset makes Wanda realize the horror she’s created. Returning to the MCU, she tears down her temple, destroying the Darkhold in every reality and seemingly crushing herself. It’s a sad ending for the former Avenger, who it really is had a difficult time in life.

A happy ending?

Strange breaks up with Earth-838 Christine and admits he’s always loved her MCU counterpart. In the magical temple of Kamar-Taj, America is learning the mystical arts – presumably to control their reality-jumping abilities. Strange bows to Wong and apparently accepts him as the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange fixes the fancy watch Christine gave him on one of their early dates, suggesting he’s moving on (at least I hope so, since she’s married). Seemingly content, he strolls down New York Street until a third eye sprouts in the middle of his forehead, confirming that he has been corrupted by the Darkhold.

Is Wanda dead?

It sure looks like Wanda lost her life destroying the Temple and Darkholds across the multiverse, but her status as a powerful sorceress leaves the door open to her return – her terrible deeds could be blamed on the Darkhold, hers mind spoils. WandaVision also created the possibility for her lover Vision could come backand he might be eager to track her down.

Wanda’s arc in this film mirrors the comic book story where grief over her lost, magically created sons prompted her to create the house man alternate reality ruled by mutants, and the following decimation, where she wiped out the powers of most of Earth’s mutant population. She was eventually redeemed, allowing her MCU counterpart to follow that path.

Strange’s third eye doesn’t seem to be a problem in the mid-credits scene.

Marvel Studios

Is Strange evil now?

no, the Mid credits scene takes all the tension out of this cliffhanger by having him stroll down the street again and calmly opening his third eye as he encounters Clea.

However, we might see him in a later appearance grappling with the Darkhold’s corruption. It’s unclear where he’ll show up next, but Agatha Harkness – former owner of the Darkhold – is gets her own Disney Plus show sometime in the future. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania also looks like it will continue the multiverse storyline when it does will be released next February.

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