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De Santis rips corporate hypocrites for opposing voter integrity bills while dealing with dictators

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis ripped corporations for weighing in against voting integrity legislation while cultivating commercial ties with totalitarian dictatorships.

DeSantis called corporations hypocrites for saying that “you can’t have a photo ID in Georgia” while at the same time “doing business with the Chinese Communist Party” and fighting against legislation targeting “slave labor” in China.

Major League Baseball has “hobnobbed with the Castro regime” in Cuba, DeSantis said, even as it pulled its 2021 all-star game out of Atanta in purportedly protest of election reform legislation recently enacted by GeorgiaRepublican governor and legislature. The governor wondered aloud whether the league would prevent the Atlanta Braves from playing at home in the playoffs.

“You have an aggressive, woke, ideological left” that is taking over corporations, who adopt “fact-free narratives” that Big Tech then amplifies, DeSantis said. “That is not the way we want this done in Florida.”

“When you politicize every aspect of our lives,” the governor said, “that exacerbates and contributes to polarization and divisions.”