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Daughters Hide Camera In Their Mother’s Care Home What They Find Is Shocking

A 71-year-old’s three daughters often got a bad vibe when they went to visit their mother’s care home.

This went on for some time, before one of them suggested that they set up a hidden camera. The aim was to see if their concerns of potential maltreatment were at all grounded in reality.

They did as much, as per the Daily Mirror, only to uncover more than they bargained for. What the camera caught was truly shocking.

Three sisters suspected all was not as it should be at their mother’s care home. Joy suffers from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and so it was difficult for her girls to get answers from her regarding what was wrong.

However, they knew something must be awry when she managed to tell them that the staff didn’t like her. Alarm bells steadily began to ring, and so the sisters decided to follow their gut instincts. Read the full article here ▶