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Dad Puts Recording Device In Her Hair, Catches Teacher In The Act

Every day after school, Thomas Valero would see his young daughter crying, and he knew something was very wrong. When he finally got to the bottom of the problem, he couldn’t believe what had been going on. He had to do something rather sneaky and very underhanded, but he knew the truth had to come out.

Father Discovers Cause of Daughter’s School Misery.

When it was becoming very clear that his daughter was having difficulty adjusting to her school, Thomas knew he had to discover the cause of his little girl’s misery. Every parent wants nothing but the best for their child, and it’s normal to worry about your children if they’re in pain. Thomas was no different. When he noticed that his daughter was struggling every day, he began to grow increasingly worried and alarmed. Every day, his daughter’s behavior set off alarm bells in his mind. Thomas immediately noticed a change in his daughter. Read the full story here ▶