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Crazy Woman Approaches Unsuspecting Strangers Outside Restaurant, Utters 4 Shocking, Sick Words

A mother from Florida was in a restaurant parking lot with her 2-year-old son when she approached two strangers who were exiting the restaurant. However, these strangers weren’t prepared for what she did next that left her son crying while she uttered four sick words.

The strange incident occurred at the Kountry Kitchen restaurant when Amber Warner was seen entering the building with her 2-year-old son. Only a few moments later, she was back in the parking lot and approaching two complete strangers for a “favor.”

Unfortunately, when the visibly frantic mom opened her mouth, the strangers were left stunned to hear her utter four sickening words.
To the couple’s horror, Amber had simply placed her son on the ground in front of them and said, “I can’t do it.” Read the full story here ▶