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Cops Called to Investigate Abandoned House Didn’t Expect to Find This

Three-year-old Maxim and two-year-old Dima lived in one of the villages in the Altai territory. They never saw their dad, however. Their mother has also seen infrequently the woman left her kids alone, running away on a date to the next gentleman. One day a neighbour noticed that it was painfully invisible near the mother’s house for a long time and called the police. A group arrived at the call, which, in addition to the juvenile affairs officer, included police Warrant officer Sergei Shirokov, a former riot policeman who had visited Hotspots four times.

When we entered the house, my heart clenched, recalled Sergey. I’ve seen a lot, but that’s the case these days. In the frozen house, a window was broken, which three-year-old Maxim plugged with things to not blow. But it’s March. No pillows, no curtains, no groceries. Read the full story here ▶