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BREAKING: Fauci Gets Devastating Notice – Fired!

More bad news for mad scientist and serial liar Dr. Anthony Fauci as new polling shows a plurality of voters believe he’s a liar who should be forced to resign.

After the revelation last week that Fauci lied under oath about giving our mortal enemies in China funding for gain of function research, his public credibility landed in the toilet.

Rasmussen, one of the most accurate pollsters out there, asked 1,000 likely voters a series of questions about Fauci and his myriad of controversies. These two questions are the most revealing…

“Do you believe Dr. Anthony Fauci told the truth about U.S. government funding for gain-of-function research?”

Only 33 percent believe he told the truth, while a plurality of 49 percent say he lied.

“Should Fauci be forced to resign?”

Only 40 percent said no, while a plurality of 46 percent said yes.

A third question shows that the government and media’s attempt to cover up the lab leak theory has failed mightily.

“How likely is it that COVID-19 was originated in a Chinese laboratory?”

A whopping 71 percent said it is “very” (49 percent) or “somewhat” (22 percent) likely, while a mere 16 percent said it was “not very” (10 percent) or “not at all” (6 percent) likely.

There is just no question the public has lost confidence in Fauci, the current head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief White House spokesman on the coronavirus. He’s been a walking punch line for months now, and the only reason the White House and media continue to put him out there is to dissuade Trump supporters from getting vaccinated.

The organized left wants Trump supporters to die, to remain unvaccinated, and using Fauci as the face of the virus is the perfect way to kill off Trump supporters. The White House and Democrats know Fauci is the last person anyone on the right will listen to.

After all, Fauci is a mad scientist who tortures and murders puppies and monkeys.

He’s also a neurotic mess who said Christmas might have to be canceled, and on the following day said never mind. He also lied about being taken out of context.

Fauci is a mean, little, lying piece of trash who should have been given the hook more than a year ago. But the role he plays in convincing unvaccinated Trump supporters to remain unvaccinated is just too valuable. He remains center stage because the organized left wants Trump supporters dead.