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Boy repeatedly arrives late to school, the teacher pays him a surprise visit at his house

A teacher scolds a boy for coming late to class and demands to meet his parents, but the boy doesn’t show up the next day and only his grandma comes saying. He is sick. The unconvinced teacher pays a surprise visit later only to discover that the boy’s life is far more trouble than he thought which is Mr Morgan’s first day as a teacher in this school. He arrived early and skimmed through the lecture he intended to give his pupils and everything seemed perfect, just as he had wanted that more as a young, first-time teacher, Mr Morgan was determined to establish himself as strict but fair. He wanted his pupils to know.

He was a cool Mentor, but not the one to be messed with the chattering in grade 7 stopped as soon as Mr Morgan walked in and plopped his register on the team. Children were sworn back to their seats in a pin-drop silence, followed as he introduced himself as their new history teacher and as Mr. Morgan launched into the lecture on the Great Depression in World War II. The classroom door suddenly crept open a hush and fell over the class. Read the full story here ▶