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Boston Celtics trending up after NBA trade deadline

The Boston Celtics were very active ahead of the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline. Not only did they got some talented players and assets, but they were able to fill some empty pieces on the roster.

Boston made two trades during the trade deadline. First, they traded it away Jeff Teague to the Orlando Magic for Evan Fournier. Second, they shipped Daniel Theis to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Moritz Wagner.

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These two new additions to the Boston Celtics’ roster will help them in a pursuit for a run in the playoffs. Not only did they gain some shooting in Fournier, but they also gained a stretch big man with Wagner.

Despite Boston taking a slight slide in the Eastern Conference standings, they are still on the precipice to make the playoffs and certainly aren’t a team to be reckoned with.

Boston Celtics are filling the empty voids

To break down the Fournier trade even more, one must look at while the Boston Celtics gave up, Teague and two second-round draft picks. This trade ultimately helped the Celtics grow.

During the 2020-2021 NBA offseason, the Boston Celtics lost Gordon Hayward during a sign and trade which ultimately left a void in the position. The Celtics looked to replace a 20 point per game scorer and a leader on the floor.

With the addition of Fournier, the C’s have begun to fill the void that was created with the loss of Hayward.

To get Wagner, Boston had to give up starting big man Daniel Theis. Theis is a successful screen and roller and has a presence on the defensive under the floor.

In order to receive Wagner in this trade, somethings had to happen first. First, Wagner had to be traded from the Wizards to the Bulls.

Following this trade, the Green put their hat in the ring for Wagner.

Wagner, though still young, has a lot to prove for this Boston Celtics team. He not only can play the power forward position, but he can also play the center position and offer a nice shot blocker and interior presence for the team.

Both of these trades were very good for the Celtics. It adds a ball handler, shooter, and strong wing defender to match with the tandem of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. And not to mention the addition of a big man that can also stretch the floor will allow for more slashing for Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, and players on the wing.

There will be plenty of opportunities for Wagner to play some show stopping defense to complement Robert Williams and Tristan Thompson at the center possession.

At the trade deadline, the Boston Celtics were able to fill the missing pieces on their roster. The trades resulted in a continued improvement of their roster as the postseason inches closer.