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The Biden administration is not happy that they are not anywhere near their 70% threshold of COVID-19 vaccinations in the nation.

The plan was to have 70% of the population vaccinated against the virus, but when you live in the land of freedom people have the right to say no and gain natural herd immunity.

That doesn’t fly well in the face of tyranny so they are now upping the ante to ensure that people get the experimental jab whether they like it or not.

So Biden has come up with a plan in response to the Delta variant.

He is deploying response teams made up of officials from the CDC, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to CNN.

The government officials will be focusing on communities with low vaccination rates as Biden’s goal of 70% vaccination by the 4th of July falls short.

As of this week, only 47.2% of Americans are fully vaccinated.

CNN reported:

The White House has deployed similar response teams in the past, but this is the first time they are focused on the Delta variant, a White House official said. These response teams will conduct surge testing, provide therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies and deploy federal personnel to areas that need support staff for vaccinations.

The White House coronavirus team is spearheading this effort and officials expect the teams will help with everything from boosting testing, providing supplies and potentially increasing paid media efforts targeting regions where vaccinations are low.

While these response teams are being sent to prop up communities, officials believe vaccinations are the number one way to stop the spread and recognize there could be a limit to their efforts. Most US adults who plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19 have already done so, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report released this week.

Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) pushed back on fearmongers using the “Delta” variant as a pretext to reimpose mask mandates and lockdowns.

This is just another way to bully people into taking a vaccine that has dangerous ramifications and I for one will not be their guinea pig. I look at it this way, if this was such a good idea then they wouldn’t be selling it and forcing it on people the way they are, right?

People would get it if they trusted their government or big pharma for that matter, but let’s be honest with each other for a moment. When was the last time that they really wanted to keep us all safe and healthy?

Not for a very long time.

That is why Trump was elected so he could root out these people who are doing harm to us all and that is why we must resist these tyrannical measures to keep us and our families safe.