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Baby Girl Removed From Home After Being Gagged And Tied Up By Babysitter

You see these pictures of the little girl tied up, gagged, and crying?

They were taken in Mexico by a babysitter and sent to the mother (while she was at work) and found their way to Facebook.

The woman who posted these photos was a family friend.

Many people rightly felt the photos were disturbing.

baby gagged
Image Credit: CEN

The babysitter and the mother claimed that this was done as a game.

What kind of a game is that?

So, you are saying the child, nine-months-old, was crying tears of joy?

Does she look like she is having fun to you?

There is no way that she was having fun.

Get real people, this was no game.

baby gagged
Image Credit: CEN

This was an act of cruelty and neglect.

The little girl has been removed from the home.

Thankfully, the authorities agree that this was not a game.