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Anna Duggar Spotted at Party Hosted By Josh’s Parents: Have They Ended Their Feud?

all the time Josh Duggar’s trial on child pornographythere were rumors of intense controversy inside the predator of shame.

Many who followed the situation closely were convinced that Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, was in dispute with his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle.

It was believed that the parties disagreed on legal strategies as well as on the issue of Josh’s guilt.

Although Anna is reportedly still convinced that her husband was Prepared by the Biden administrationJosh’s parents have reportedly come up with the idea that their son may be guilty.

(They still don’t think he should be in jail, of course, because they don’t believe in the consequences.)

These rumors continued after Josh’s verdict, and insiders claimed Jim Bob and Michelle had made it clear they were not financially supporting Anna during her husband’s arrest.

Now, however, the parties to this conflict seem to have reached some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement.

The first sign of a buried ax came then Jim Bob bought the land Through Anna’s LLC.

It is believed that he plans to develop the country and share the profits with his mini.

This arrangement will allow JB to continue to conceal his property from Uncle Sam while ensuring that Anna’s seven children are taken care of.

Admittedly, he could achieve the latter result by cutting Anna’s check or allowing her to move into a massive Duggar connection, but that’s not just Jim Bob’s style.

In any case, it is unclear whether the arrangement has yet made a profit, but it appears to have succeeded in easing the tension between Josh’s wife and parents.

Earlier this week, Jessa Duggar released a YouTube video documenting the annual event Duggar ugly Christmas party.

To the surprise of many, Anna was there and she seemed to enjoy herself.

At Reddit, fans speculated that Anna might be living her best life now that the first shock of her husband’s conviction has subsided.

“I think she enjoys motherhood, she doesn’t have to deal with pests outside of the calls and she’s just a mother,” one user commented. by British tabloid Sun.

“His eldest is at the age that he can be his mother’s siblings. Plus, he’s finally in a place where Josh is probably desperate for his attention.”

“And he can ignore him !!!” another pointed out.

“Is it just me or does the whole family look happier with Josh in jail?” another person asked.

“They’re all probably just relieved of the trial behind them,” the fourth redditor said.

“Whether they’re happy with the verdict or not, it’s certainly nice when you don’t have to worry about not knowing how it’s going.”

Yes, most people already knew the world would be a better place with Josh behind bars.

But maybe Annan had to experience her newly discovered freedom before she realized how much better her life would be without her creepy husband.

Many still hope that Anna will resign from Josh when this is behind bars, but that would probably make her lose the little support she received from her in-laws.

Better keep milking this family for all its worth!

After all the Duggars have gotten him through, we believe Anna has earned the right to take advantage of them a little.

Anna Duggar Spotted at Party Hosted By Josh’s Parents: Have They Ended Their Feud? Source link Anna Duggar Spotted at Party Hosted By Josh’s Parents: Have They Ended Their Feud?