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All They Want Is My Body Not Love, I Hate Men So Much and I Will Remain Single Forever

My name is Elizabeth. I have more nicknames than the average person; most of my friends call me Beth, some call me Elysia, another group prefer calling me Lysia and yet another group call me Lisa. The funniest thing is that no one actually calls me by my birth name, Elizabeth.

I am 35, My friends are all married. And several of them have been pressuring me to get married but I have made a decision to stay single for life. Why should I marry? I have everything a person would need to live a comfortable life. I have a thriving business, properties scattered across Lagos and an enviable life.

“I will never marry, I will remain single forever. I hate men. All they want is my body” was my reply to Ngozi’s question last week. She asked me why I broke up with Richard, my ex-boyfriend.Read the full article here ▶