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A Man Ate Lunch Each Week With This Homeless Woman. Then One Day She Dropped A Bombshell

When Greg Smith started to get to know a homeless woman near his workplace, he perhaps never expected her to reveal something shocking to him. But when Smith heard what his lunch buddy had disclosed, he ultimately decided to step in and help her and in 2016 Smith, a personal trainer from Florida hit the headlines for his remarkable actions that, in turn, led to an outpouring of praise for the 25 year old Online with one commenter subsequently lauding him as an awesome dude, but what did Smith do to deserve such an Accolade?

Well, it All Began on Smith’s commute to work when he would frequently notice someone on the straight. In particular, a homeless woman had caught his eye and, as the personal trainer would later note on Facebook, the individual in question hadn’t ever asked him for a handout. Instead, she had offered him cheery greetings. Read the full story here ▶