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A Couple Gives Birth To Twins, Have Sick Use For Them When They Get Home

In Alabama, a young couple had just given birth to a set of twins which was exciting to them for a reason different than it would be for most. As soon as they arrived home with their little boy and girl, they didn’t waste any time putting them to use in a way that left authorities in complete disbelief.

For three months, since the day they twins were born on January 22, their parents, 19-year-old Jordan Lanie Swenson, and 20-year-old, Marion Austin Dycus, never took them out of the house, since they were busy inside doing other things.

Almost exactly three months to the day they were born, the couple finally brought them out on April 27, only for a trip back to the hospital after things had gone horribly wrong. Read the full article here ▶