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A baby was in critical condition after his parents’ nightmare came true: A babysitter who was deceptively angry threw their child so hard that it’s now fighting for his life with serious internal injuries. The story is shocking, and the community is reeling.

Hayley Dubovik And Teal Garvin just welcomed their child into this world 5 months ago. They named him Cooper, and they had immense love for him. One of the struggles they had early on was finding a babysitter for him, as they both had to work

Their search for a babysitter brought them to the attention of Barbara Kendrick, a 65-year-old woman living in Jacksonville Florida, the same area as the parents. Everything went well at first, and the couple went back to work. Then the unthinkable happened…

Cooper was teething and had a fever. As a result, he was crying. Barbara Kendrick became so annoyed that she threw him into a playpen. That silenced the baby. Permanently. Barbara ran to get help, but by that point the damage was done…

She ran next door to the neighbor, Teresa Spivey. Spivey tried to perform CPR on the baby, and she said that “I was just trying to save the little man. He was so precious. If I had known that baby was in harm’s way, I would have been singing to the highest mountain, and I had no clue that baby was in harm’s way.”

When the authorities arrived the baby was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull and no signs of brain activity. Barbara Kendrick admitted to throwing the baby. Cooper later died from his injuries, and Barbara Kendrick was charged with murder.

Her mother is in shock and total confusion over why the babysitter would do such a thing, saying “He didn’t deserve to go that way. He was so beautiful. He didn’t deserve this…we were all so happy. Everything was going so well.”