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7 Signs You Are Carrying The Mother Wound: The Deep Pain And Self-Doubt Caused By An Unloving Mother

When you hear people ask others if they love their mother, you feel a surge of pain when they answer “of course, I do,” as if there was no other possible answer. But your experience has shown that there are many other responses possible. You know firsthand what it’s like to grow up in a house with an unloving, unkind, and toxic mother. It has left you emotionally wounded, and you still carry most of those scars as you grow up.

1. You were made to believe that you weren’t good enough.

Growing up with a mother who constantly criticized you made you believe that you weren’t good enough. Even as an adult, you are constantly doubting yourself and second-guessing every move you make. An unloving mother can crush your confidence; you see as an adult that no matter what you do or the heights you achieve, the damage her cruel words did to your self-esteem is hard to heal. Read the full story here ▶