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5 recently traded players that are exceeding expectations


NBA Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

After a pretty hectic 2021 NBA Trade Deadline, numerous players around the league were forced to pack their bags and move to a different city and team in the middle of the season. Tough, but this is still a place of business.

Of the dozens of players that ended up switching teams that day, some of them were constantly being talked about for weeks or even months, while others came as more of a shock to most fans around the globe.

We are about a month away from playoff action, meaning that the rosters are almost set. A few more cuts and free agency signings and the league’s top contenders should be good to go. Most of them even made some major moves as the trade clock expired.

So far, we’ve seen some players thrive under new management and coaching, while others remain in lukewarm form. Take the unfortunate debut of Evan Fournier for example, who was averaging nearly 20 points per game prior to the trade, only to go 0-10 as a first-timer for the Boston Celtics.

Let us focus on the more positive note, though, as the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline seems to have given many players a fresh new start to their careers. Several talented guys that weren’t receiving the chances they deserved are now amongst the faces of their individual franchises.

The 2021 NBA Trade Deadline acted as a make-or-break for many players around the league, with most of them “making” it to the next level.

Forgotten players that acted as nothing more than role players on their previous teams are now lighting up the scoresheet, putting up career-best numbers. Isn’t that something every basketball fan aspires to see?

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners of the deadline period, given the promising start each of these players has had so far on their new team.