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Duggar Family: Planning Pregnancy Announcements to Distract From Josh’s Trial?

One week after today, the judges will be selected Josh Duggar’s Child Porn Trial..

As a result, the world’s eyes are on the northwestern part of Arkansas for the first time since Josh. Previous Sex scandal.

Believe it or not, testing isn’t the only notable development in the Tontitown area from now to the end of the year.

Just days after the start of Josh’s criminal trial, Four Dagger sisters appear in court To sue the police and sheriff departments alleging that they illegally disclosed personal information about their case.

And this is all done by Jim Bob Dagger Candidate for Arkansas General Assembly Seat..

At the time of his announcement, many thought Jim Bob had officially lost his marbles.

After all, why Dagger bears the risks and costs of a political campaign when Dagger is already hated by his neighbors and Jim Bob’s reputation in his hometown is being hit harder than usual. Will you do it?

But recently, a new theory has emerged.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Jim Bob ran for office and recently asked for his daughters’ proceedings to be tried in court.

Maybe this is just another case where Jim Bob manipulates the situation as part of his endless efforts to wipe out the family’s most shameful behavior under the carpet.

Jim Bob may not Predict To win the reelection or to succeed in his daughter’s proceedings.

This may just be his way to get attention from the biggest scandal in the history of reality television.

And some Dagger critics believe that conversion tactics have just begun.

As for the always-interesting r / Duggar Snark subreddit, there is speculation that some announcements about Duggar’s pregnancy will be made around the time Josh’s trial begins.

“It’s a holiday baby god’s gift! Someone who doesn’t love the pregnancy announcement barrage to help glaze the fact that there are predators in the middle,” wrote one.

It’s not such a quirky theory, especially since the family is overdue due to some baby-related news (the pun isn’t intended).

Justin Dagger and Claire Spivey get married Back in February, and surprisingly, they haven’t announced she’s pregnant yet.

Jedidiah Morse and Katie Nakatsu expect their first child, And recently, Jim Bob may have urged them to share some updates.

Hell, we may take part in Dagger’s news dump, something like that the world has never seen.

“Claire is pregnant. Another pregnancy may have been announced before and after Thanksgiving … they will hit us,” suggested one redditor.

“Jed / Katie’s Gender Party … The trial has begun and Yana’s courtship was announced sometime in December,” he continued.

“(Depending on when the trial ends, they will wait a few weeks, I think) Christmas and Thanksgiving will bring Jar / Hannah’s engagement.”

Yes, now is the best time for Jim Bob to announce that Jana is courting or that Jeremiah and Hannah Wisman are engaged.

Thinking of major family announcements in these terms may sound unreasonably cynical and ruthless.

But don’t forget that Jim Bob ironically took advantage of the family’s groundbreaking moments to build his career.

Duggar Family: Planning Pregnancy Announcements to Distract From Josh’s Trial? Source link Duggar Family: Planning Pregnancy Announcements to Distract From Josh’s Trial?