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Simon Monjack’s Family Pissed Over Brittany Murphy Documentary

Simon monjack He’s not the monster described as being the latest on HBO Brittany Murphy doc, so his brother says, he feels he was fooled by joining everything.

The two-part series explores the life, relationships, and death of the actress … but primarily focuses on the bizarre marriage to Simon Monjack, who died just five months after Murphy. increase. Many suspicions have been raised about the circumstances surrounding her death, but one theme of the document remains the same … Simon was not a good man.

Throughout the episode, Simon is accused of dominating Brittany, taking money, giving birth to a secret child, and ultimately preventing her from being treated.

Monjak’s brother, JamesInterviewed in the series, said he was disappointed that the filmmaker made Simon a villain.

James says the project was originally touted to him as an investigative journalism about the couple’s death, but instead it was dismissed as a sensational piece.James hoped that he and his mother (also interviewed) would lead to a breakthrough in what the series actually killed Simon and Brittany, but Simon did. Her death..

James says he was able to see everything, but his mom doesn’t … and she’s also angry that it really only pointed her finger at Simon.

Murphy died in 2009 after being found to be unresponsive at home and ultimately determined to be a case of untreated pneumonia and drug addiction. Creepy Monjack died At the same house 5 months later Pneumonia and drug addiction..

Simon Monjack’s Family Pissed Over Brittany Murphy Documentary Source link Simon Monjack’s Family Pissed Over Brittany Murphy Documentary