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Fathers Form ‘Dads on Duty’ After Many Fights at Louisiana High School

After a series of disturbing battles broke out during the week, a coalition of worried fathers was strengthened at a local high school-attacking a corridor to keep children safe.

The surveillance group passes through “Dadson Duty,” a team of about 40 papa bears living in Shreveport, Louisiana … the children attend Southwood High School. Last month was only 3 days.

DADS ON DUTY: After a week of fierce fighting in high school in Louisiana, my parents knew something had to change. So a group of fathers decided to appear to maintain a positive environment for the whole body of the students, not just the children. @SteveHartmanCBS There are more.

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) October 22, 2021


After so many brawls in such a short period of time (some of which were captured on video and shared on social media), these fathers thought it was time to get involved directly. … and act as a kind of hall monitor or patrol man. To help prevent more violence.

So far … the effort is working.Around CBSSince September, there have been no incidents, and students have confessed that their father’s presence helps prevent bad behavior.

One student says that the “look” that a father can shoot at his child is strange to others. The presence of a familiar father in the community seems to have a significant impact on Southwood. Even at the level of tension … these people helped me by joking with my students and allowing everyone to attend classes on time.

“Dadson Duty” divides campus time into shifts that work for everyone involved-and the reason for putting this together … no one knows how to treat our own kids like us. .. So why don’t you jump in and experience it on the first floor?

Admire “Dadason Duty” at Southwood High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Things change when you invite men to the school community and provide them with a meaningful way to get involved.

— Dr. Duke Bradley, III (@dukebradley_III) October 23, 2021


They also believe that having strong men around their students brings many benefits to children who may not have a father in their lives.

The group says they have a desire to bring their movements to the national level-and given how well they did for themselves in their backyard … to them More power.

Fathers Form ‘Dads on Duty’ After Many Fights at Louisiana High School Source link Fathers Form ‘Dads on Duty’ After Many Fights at Louisiana High School