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Dune, Halloween Kills, HBO Max, Peacock? Where to stream movies in theaters now

Zendaya starred in Dune streaming on HBO Max.

Kiavela James / Warner Brothers

This year, the number of new theatrical films that can be streamed online on the same day that was shown in the cinema has become unprecedented. HBO MaxIn particular, it has become synonymous with custom.When HBO Max We’re already streaming what’s expected to be the biggest new movie this weekend: Dunes, A big budget for science fiction classics, a remake full of stars.

But what other big movies will make their debut in theaters this weekend? Probably not streaming.flat Netflix The movie “The Harder They Fall” arrives at the cinema on Friday, but not on Netflix.Wes Anderson’s new movie French dispatch And animated films Ron’s Gone Wrong Both are limited to theaters.

That’s because Warner Bros. Pictures is the only movie that HBO Max streams while still in the theater. Dunes Is a Warner Bros. Pictures movie that is eligible for streaming on HBO Max. All other above are distributed by other companies.

However, from time to time, other studios follow the HBO Max playbook and drop movies into Cineplex and streaming services at the same time.That’s the way Halloween kill I was able to stream it last week-and it’s still the case. (See below for more information on streaming and non-streaming movies and locations.)

HBO Max I made a wave when I announced last year Stream New movie released in theaters Warner Bros. Studios They came out on the big screen in 2021 on the same day at no extra charge. Godzilla vs Kong, In heights When Space Jam: New Legacy Earlier this year, and Matrix 4 come.

But that also means that movies from other studios won’t show Max on the same day.

This strategy has created false hope among movie fans. Any A new movie will be shown in the theater. Even if you don’t know the studio that is delivering the new flick, many are interested in it being one of the movies available on HBO Max.

Can I stream Dune on HBO Max?

Yes, Dunes

It can be streamed on HBO Max. You can watch it until November 21st.

To stream Dune, you need to subscribe to the ad-free premium tier of the service, as well as all same-day releases of theatrical films on HBO Max. This usually costs $ 15 per month if you subscribe to the app directly. It’s also included at no additional cost for most people who pay regular HBO fees through traditional TV providers. For more information on HBO Max tiers, prices and other transactions, please see the sections below.

Please note that same-day movies like Dune can only be streamed in the United States. HBO Max as a service is being rolled out in other parts of the world, but the same day movie is still limited to US-based members.

Many saints of Newark, The first movie of the gang series Sopranos, I’m streaming at Max while I’m in the theater.

Is Halloween Kill Streaming?

Yes-Halloween Kills is another big movie that can be streamed now and it’s over. peacock.. Peacock is owned by Comcast’s NBC Universal, and Universal Pictures Halloween kill (See Connection?). However, there are paywalls around the movie. If you want to watch Halloween Kills or other paid shows on Peacock, you’ll need to sign up for a $ 5 / month or $ 10 / month premium tier.

(HBO Max has universal movies like Halloween Kills set up at: HBO has what’s known as the Pay One License Agreement with Universal, but those movies are about 6 ~ Will not reach HBO and HBO Max until 9 months after theatrical release.)

What about other movies coming out this weekend? French dispatch, Rons Gone wrong, or are they hard to fall?

Both of these will be screened in theaters this weekend and will no longer be available for streaming.

The Harder They Fall may be a Netflix movie, but this weekend the cowboy drama will be available in limited theater. Harder they Fall will be available for streaming on Netflix starting November 3rd.

French dispatch Distributed by Searchlight, Ron’s Gone Wrong Both are distributed by 20th Century Studios, which is part of the Disney Empire. Disney will be offering all upcoming films exclusively in theaters for at least 45 days (if not more). Therefore, neither has been streamed yet.

However, the first place you can stream The French Dispatch and Ron’s Gone Wrong could be HBO Max instead of months. Movie licensing is complex, and HBO became the first place to stream 20th-century movies with limited rights a few years ago. HBO Max is the first streaming service to acquire Ron’s Gone Wrong and perhaps The French Dispatch under an existing license agreement, even though Disney distributes movies and has its own streaming services Disney Plus and Hulu. Will be. (One or both may eventually stream one of the movies shortly after running on HBO.)

However, even HBO Max has no plans to start streaming Ron’s Gone Wrong or The French Dispatch until about 6-9 months after its release. In other words, it will not be streamed until next year.

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What about other movies currently on sale? Do you have time to die? Venom 2? Xiangqi?


I have no time to die, The latest James Bond movies are also theater-only and streaming is not available.

Venom: Let’s genocide, NS MarvelThe related sequel is not currently available for streaming.Venom 2 will not be streamed once it is available online with a subscription Disney plus Or Hulu, Disney Own Marvel.. Instead, on the way to Starz for the first time in the middle of next year. (Yes, it’s complicated.)

When Marvel‘NS Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring I’m not streaming, but it will be streamed soon. On November 12th, it will be available on Disney Plus for regular subscriptions at no additional charge.

What new movie can Do I Stream on HBO Max while they are still in the theater?

All of these titles will be available on HBO Max in the United States on the same day they were screened in theaters in the United States.

Generally, most other new Warner Bros. movies will be available for streaming at Max at 12:01 PT / 3:01 AMET on the release date. However, the arrival time of a movie like Dune depends on when the first movie is shown in the theater. For example, Wonder Woman 1984 became available on December 25th at 9am (Pacific Standard Time) / noon (Eastern Standard Time). The dunes are on the same ship and arrive at service at unusual times.

All Warner Bros. movies released on this “hybrid” model of HBO Max are available in 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR quality, but these formats are not yet standard in the full Max library.

These movies can be streamed on HBO Max for 31 days. These are typically removed from service at 11:59 pm PT on the last day of availability.

However, these Warner Bros. Pictures also return to HBO Max relatively quickly. It’s usually about five months after the first premiere in theaters and Max. Several movies have already come and gone, such as Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs. Kong.

However, 2021 will be the only year of this phenomenon, with new big-screen movies being streamed on HBO Max as soon as they are shown in theaters. Warner Bros. says that 10 studio-produced films will be sent directly to HBO Max in 2022, but large franchise films will be exclusively theatrical without streaming options from next year to that period. Will be held for 45 days.


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