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Instagram is building a ‘Favorites’ feature so you don’t miss important posts – TechCrunch

Instagram has confirmed that it is developing a new feature called “Favorites”. This allows users to select the specific account they want to post to the top of the feed. A similar feature already exists on Facebook, giving users a little more control over the newsfeed algorithm. on Facebook, Users can select up to 30 friends or Facebook pages whose posts appear at the top of the newsfeed. However, it’s unclear what restrictions Instagram’s favorite features have.

Instagram’s favorite feature was recently discovered in development by a reverse engineer Alessandro Paruzzi, Instagram[設定]Who found your favorite new pushpin icon in the menu, and other details about how this feature works.

According to the screenshot Paruzzi Post Twitter allows users to search for Instagram accounts they are currently following and create a list of their favorites. Note that this list can be edited at any time and Instagram will not notify you when a user is added to someone’s favorites.

This is the same level of privacy provided by Instagram’s “close friends” feature a few years ago. Instead, users create a personalized list of followers and choose their own more private and personal Instagram story.

Paluzzi says he was able to add the contact to his favorites list, but he hasn’t noticed any changes to his Instagram feed since he added it. This means that the feature is still under construction and the release is not imminent.

“This feature is an internal prototype still under development and has not been tested externally,” an Instagram spokeswoman told TechCrunch. They refused to share any other details about this feature.

The Favorites feature can influence Instagram’s larger plans to establish itself as the home of creator content. In another leak, Paluzzi also found that the company was building a “fan subscription.” This gives users more access to creator content such as exclusive live videos and stories. Paid subscribers may also be given a special badge that emphasizes their name when viewing comments, DMs, or the author’s story.

Given that users who are paying for content don’t want to miss a moment, it makes sense to provide a tool to mark those creators as “favorites.”

The Favorites feature is also useful for those who want to take a break from Instagram to see the latest or interesting updates from all their accounts, as well as important photos and videos that they missed from their favorite accounts when they return. follow.

Also, although it may not be the main goal, this new feature may help address user complaints about algorithm feeds in general.

Even today, there are many people who want to view Instagram posts in chronological order and don’t want to sort posts with uncontrollable algorithms.Favorites do not yield to this demand (Instagram Tested Past time series feed). But at least users can be sure they haven’t missed posts from the users who want to see the updates the most.

Instagram said it’s working on a favorite, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that such features will be publicly available. Instagram-sized companies often prototype new ideas, but only some of those tests are in general release.

Instagram is building a ‘Favorites’ feature so you don’t miss important posts – TechCrunch Source link Instagram is building a ‘Favorites’ feature so you don’t miss important posts – TechCrunch