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MLS Sued by Exec Claiming Retaliation for Speaking Up After George Floyd’s Death

4:06 pm PT –MLS issued a statement to TMZ Sports … “Travieso’s allegations, along with 20% of her division-wide and league office positions, have no merit in her work. As a result, November 2020 It was eliminated in the month. The pandemic had a dramatic impact on the Major League Soccer business. “

“Mr. Travieso was not removed from the job for other reasons. Major League Soccer promises to provide a diverse, impartial and inclusive environment and takes these claims very seriously.”

“We are always working to make our employees feel safe and supported in the workplace.”

Former media executive in Major League Soccer claims to have lost her job to talk about racial issues within the organization after she was killed. George Floyd … so she is complaining.

Carine TraviesoBlack is two formers against MLS for speaking at an event in June 2020, after she was taken out of duty, excluded from the meeting, and unfairly accused other employees of their mistakes. I filed a lawsuit with my boss.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Travieso started working at MLS in 2017 and played an outstanding role despite what she described as a less diverse and inclusive work environment.

She also had one of her bosses in 2018, 2 chains MLS All-Star Concert with blacks.

According to Travieso … she remained largely silent about this until the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 sparked. National protest Raised awareness of black plight.

She claimed to have advised MLS Honmachi to issue a statement about Floyd’s death like other major sports leagues after a few days of silence, and they finally did … but she did it … Let me point out another example of a soccer organization dropping the ball.

Later, according to the documentation, Travieso spoke at an event in June, “opening up about racism,” explaining how he felt he couldn’t raise racial issues with MLS executives.

She cites the Two Chains case as the reason why MLS needs to incorporate unconscious bias training, and seeks help from “white allies” within the organization, “mostly black representatives in decision-making positions and senior management. Not at all. ” MLS Echeron. “

According to Travieso … her speech was praised by her colleagues, but MLS did nothing to follow it up. Instead, she claims to have begun to be treated differently by her boss, not being invited to previously attended meetings, and being removed from a particular role within the company.

She reported this to HR in October and says she was informed a month later … being fired due to COVID-19 and some restructuring situations.

Travieso has filed a proceeding for racism and retaliation and is seeking damages. We contacted MLS … no words so far.

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MLS Sued by Exec Claiming Retaliation for Speaking Up After George Floyd’s Death Source link MLS Sued by Exec Claiming Retaliation for Speaking Up After George Floyd’s Death