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4 Easy Party Food Ideas for All of Your Summer Gatherings

If you forget what it looks like Host a party— Or attend it — you are forgiven. And if you need a simple party food idea to get back to the festive mindset, you’re in the right place. (Hey, our social life is heading in the right direction, but the creativity of our kitchen is Tiger King.. )

Are you having a party at your place or do you need food to bring to a gathering of friends? Good food Connect people. Remember that “good” does not have to mean “flashy,” especially when cooking for the crowd. Skip the show stopper and look for a great tasting recipe instead.

Below are some simple party food ideas that we plan to return all year round.

Korean popcorn chicken

Creator of Sue Pressey, for bite-sized excellence My korea kitchen, Seems to have unlimited ideas.Fortunately, she started with a Korean spin of KFC Classic and narrowed them down for us: she Korean popcorn chicken..

“These are fried boneless chicken nuggets coated with Korea’s special sticky, spicy, spicy, and sweet sauces,” says Pressey. “They are crispy, delicious and addictive.”

She says they too are a perfect match day snack, When there are guests Drinking I want to focus on the team, not the table manners.

Bulgogi Gimbap

Another of her favorites: Bulgogi Gimbap— Korean-style rice roll wrapped in seaweed stuffed with crispy vegetables and bulgogi (savory, slightly sweet and spicy beef marinade and barbecue). Rolls can be cut whole like seaweed burritos or round like sushi rolls. “Gimbap is a popular picnic food, but it’s also commonly served as a bite-sized dish that’s easy to eat at parties,” says Pressey.

Mix and match cookies

Host, guest list, or Party theme, Cookies cannot be mistaken. “Cookies are my favorite treat and it’s a very easy party food,” he says. Bakery Lara Germetti.. “Nothing beats homemade freshly baked oven cookies. They delight the crowd for all ages and take less than 30 minutes to make.”

To increase the texture, Gelmetti recommends making cookies with soft, almost completely melted butter. Try adding a little salt to increase the sweetness.

The best part of cookie recipes is their versatility. “”[They’re] A blank canvas, “says Gelmetti. “The simplest cookie recipe can be extended to almost anything to create so many different flavor variations,” she starts with. Basic cookie dough Replace regular chocolate chips with different types, or add nuts, dried fruits, sprinkles, pretzels, and even other cookies. (Another tip: The little, effortless secret of the perfect chocolate chip cookie.. )

Pinata cupcake

If your sweet teeth need some variety other than different types of cookies, cupcake It’s just as versatile and just as delicious. (Especially if the icing to cake ratio is perfect!) “Cupcakes are another simple party food,” says Gelmetti. “They are one of the first things I learned to bake and it’s really easy to make from scratch.” You probably have most of the pantry ingredients at hand.

Most of us have been eating cupcakes since we started attending birthday parties, so there is room for things to go even further. “Use stuffing to give a surprise element,” says Gelmetti. Using a sharp knife, cut a small circle from the center of the cupcake and fill it. (Find a detailed pinata cupcake description Here.. “My favorite stuffing is jam, lemon curd, chocolate spread, nut butter, caramel, cream, etc.,” says Gelmetti. “Or fill them with sprinkles, small chocolates, or candies.”

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