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Nicole Beharie Swears This Mascara Is the Best for Full Lashes

If you’ve skipped a sci-fi series because you thought this genre didn’t suit you, make a compelling claim as to why Nicole Beharley is worth rethinking. “I love all science fiction” Miss Juneteenth And 42 The actor will tell you about zoom. “I think people will talk about so many things in interesting ways and imagine themselves in new situations. It’s very vast.”

Vast words are good words to explain solo, Anthony Mackie, Constance Wu, Helen Milan, Dan Stevens, Uzo Aduba, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway in a new anthology series of Amazon Prime Video starring Behary. Each episode focused on the character addresses the theme of loneliness and isolation. It’s timely, considering that we all have spent the past year and have experienced some form of change on our own.

For Beharley, it was another way to connect with her character. “We both love loneliness and music,” she says. “The episode may be a little sci-fi creepy and a little heavy, but there is a moment when she is singing a song in the middle of the kitchen, which is” Oh, that’s me. I get you, girl. ”

But what else does Nicole Beharley love lately?In front of solo First unveiled on May 21, the star shares the cleanest beauty products she uses most, the last book she read, and more.Read the latest article in Your favorite favorite..

The first book I was interested in science fiction

I love this writer named Octavia E. Butler. She made a very funny black woman science fiction, so I started reading when I was young. She sent me on a journey, and from there it wasn’t banned.I recommend The parable of the sower, Fledgling, Wild seed… I can continue many times.

“Fable of sowing” by Octavia E. Butler

“Fled gling” by Octavia E. Butler

“Wild Seed” by Octavia E. Butler

But the last book I read was …

I’m working on a script that led me to read In search of miracles.. I was fascinated after seeing it Wild wild country [Russian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff’s teachings were a model for Osho’s ashram] And I wanted to read more. There are many fascinating insights, but the documentary says, “You were poisoning people!” How does it exist for one person? When someone has an incredible amount of charisma and greatness abilities, they also have similar abilities in dark spaces. This was one example for me. It’s a great reading.

“In Search of Miracles” by PDOuspensky

Self-care method

I go out, keep the windows open, make a garden, and put my feet in the grass. I also have a great belief in hugging, human touch, and laughter (jokes, comedy, being around good people). Those are the ones that have been reset for me.

It was cooking, but for some reason stress has begun to build up recently. I felt relaxed in cooking early in the pandemic, but now I’m sick of my cooking.

One thing you should get for your kitchen

I’m tired of cooking, but I’m crazy about spiral risers. I think they are great. Even if you can’t cook, you can make a salad with sweet potatoes and carrots. Or, when you put the sauce on, people think you really did something when you didn’t. You can repeat the same vegetables over and over, but when you do it with peanut sauce or soybeans, you suddenly get pad thai. If you do it with basil, it’s pesto pasta. I’m in love.

Life hack items that everyone should have in their home

I love Coconut oil.. That’s the best I’ve ever done. Can be used for anything! You can cook with it, put it on your body, put it on your hair … just, all..

Nutiba Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Beautiful beauty products that I can count on

I’m not a big makeup person, but I believe in skin health and I’m mainly drawn to natural and clean products. I feel that the toxic loads of many products are slowly catching up with us. Whatever you put on your body, you are better off eating with a spoon. That’s why I use fragrance-free, paraben-free products.

I swear Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara.. It really does the trick and fills your lashes, and it’s easily washed away. I’ve been wearing it all the time. The beauty of juice It’s also really great, and I also rely on a simple cleanser like Dr. Bronner.. It is a versatile product that can be used not only around you but also around you. Suitable for babies, dogs, floors, etc.

Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Pure A Steel Soap

My latest fashion discovery

I had more time in the pandemic, so I rediscovered that my grandmother gave me a lot of clothes that day. At that time, I was in my early twenties and said, “I don’t want this kind of thing. What is this?” But I finally started over and actually used it for pasties little by little. I found a wooden white Valentino sandal that I was crazy about. My grandmother ran a boutique in West Palm Beach, Florida. She loves fashion.

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