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Leah Messer Opens Up About Breast Cancer Scare: I Don’t Even Have Insurance!

Leah Messer has experienced many ups and downs while gaining public attention.

Sometimes it was difficult to see her struggle, but fans have been rewarded for the past year or two by Leah’s exciting growth period.

Lear has published a memoir that provides fresh insights into the fight against abusive childhood and substance abuse.

And while she remained single during that time, Leah finally seemed not to need a man in her life to feel she was perfect.

Unfortunately, last year’s highs quickly turned into catastrophic lows.

Lear found a lump in her chest And her doctor recommended that she have a biopsy.

This meant waiting painfully long for the results, while Leah was naturally in panic mode.

But she was calm for the children-and showed amazing maturity at any point in Leah’s past, she even informed her first husband, Corey Sims, of the significance of the situation.

“I turned my attention to Corey in case the girl said it, and I’m in the process of dropping them down to him,” Messer said in a narration during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2. It was.

“So I know what I told you about my breast lump,” she told Corey.

“If a girl says something to you or asks you, I just want to let you know these things in case I need your support,” Messer continued. It was.

“Yes, you told them about it, I know it, so if they ask a question, I can come to you about it and let you know. That’s the best It’s a scenario. “

Well, it went smoother than it might have done-but unfortunately, the rear week from hell was just beginning.

Shortly thereafter, Messer “received some annoying news” about other health crises.

“I received a phone call from the school, but there was a positive opinion. [Covid-19] An incident in one of the classrooms, “she said.

“Currently, face-to-face schools are closed for at least two weeks,” Lear continued.

“I was supposed to see a doctor for a breast tumor, but I definitely canceled it because of the horrifying horror.”

Yes, Leah postponed her appointment for fear of “potentially exposing someone else” in her home.

So, it may not have been intentional, but she called attention to the underreported aspect of the pandemic-that of people with chronic health problems who stopped taking care for fear of getting infected.

And surprisingly, it wasn’t the last headache of Leah this week.

When it became clear that she had no health insurance, many viewers used social media to blow up Lear by taking such risks.

However, as I explained later on Twitter, Leah was unaware that she had a choice.

“Growing up, health insurance wasn’t a topic discussed in my home. Coming from a low-income family, I was in state insurance until I got married, and then insured my husband at the time. I did, “she wrote.

“I didn’t have to learn about it, I didn’t even have to think about it,” Messer continued.

From there, Leah encouraged others to learn from her mistakes.

“If people learn what I’ve experienced and need coverage but don’t know where to start, understand that there are options and resources,” she said.

Yes, the country’s health insurance system is unnecessarily complex and often cannot serve poor families.

Lear is now wealthy, but for much of her life she lacked the knowledge and resources to explore her health care options.

Hopefully, fans will admire Leah’s honesty, rather than blaming her for her past ignorance.

Leah Messer Opens Up About Breast Cancer Scare: I Don’t Even Have Insurance! Source link Leah Messer Opens Up About Breast Cancer Scare: I Don’t Even Have Insurance!