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Jill Duggar Poses In Sexy Swimsuits Amid Josh Scandal: Is She TRYING to Give Jim Bob a Heart Attack?

As you have almost certainly heard Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornography last month.

The scandal shook the Dagger family from the ground up. I hope this will end Jim Bob’s Medes empire.

However, when the walls of the castle built at the patriarch’s cafe collapse, there is one daughter of Dagger who is not at all worried about the destruction.

In fact, she probably enjoys the sight as much as our others.

Of course we are talking Jill Dagger who cut off the relationship with his parents Long ago, and now for over two years, I’ve been living without Jim Bob’s interference.

Jill sits pretty much while the rest of her family scrambles to pick up the fragments.

I’m convinced that this was the first major dagger scandal since she left the family dumpling fire behind, and not having to make excuses for her horrifying family is a very fresh pace change. I am.

So what is Jill doing in her free time now that she’s forced to carry water seven days a week for Jim Bob?

Now, she seems to be contributing to Jim Bob’s misery by showing off her latest summer fashion.

This isn’t the first time Jill has modeled a swimsuit on Instagram.

But this is the first time she has done so, as it is essentially the downfall of her abuser.

Did it come to Jill’s mind when she was modeling that Josh and Jim Bob, and the fact that she couldn’t prevent her from living the life she wanted to live?

Some of us want that, while others want those monsters to be far from her heart.

Similarly, it’s fun to imagine Jill doing this as a giant middle finger to a man who has been holding her down for a long time.

But it’s even more satisfying to think that she’s not interested in those Morons and she’s modeling entirely for herself.

(Of course, about salary.)

Yes, Jill’s swimsuit is a bit tame by 2021 standards, but she’s still evangelical.

Jill has said in the past that her view of “modest clothing” is not as strict as her parents, but she is proud of the model’s appearance that can be enjoyed by those who share the religious beliefs of the family.

And it’s important to remember that these photos are quite ridiculous by Jim Bob’s standards.

Jill and her husband, Derrick Dillard, are no longer paying their families, but they seem to be doing well on their own.

In addition to Jill’s modeling and sponsored content trading, Derrick recently graduated from law school.

“It’s hard to believe that I graduated from OSU’s accounting department today just 10 years ago and UA law department tomorrow. #Cowboys # accounting # 2011 #razorbacks # law # 2021” he tweeted last week.

“Steamed derrick graduates this weekend! It’s becoming a reality!” Jill captioned the couple’s photo.

Therefore, the Dillers speculate that after leaving the Dagger sect, it is a living proof that it is possible to pave the way for himself.

Of course, the abuse that Jill had to endure to get to where she is now is almost scary to think about.

Jill Duggar Poses In Sexy Swimsuits Amid Josh Scandal: Is She TRYING to Give Jim Bob a Heart Attack? Source link Jill Duggar Poses In Sexy Swimsuits Amid Josh Scandal: Is She TRYING to Give Jim Bob a Heart Attack?