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13-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth When She Put Her Daughter In Her Lap The Unexpected Happened

What happened when a 13-year-old put her baby in her lap left everyone stunned. Maddie Lambert and her boyfriend Isaac were two young people in a relationship. He was 15 and she was 13 when they started dating. He was their first real boyfriend and the two of them got along really well. They were both in love and their young love was reckless.

The duo never thought about the consequences of their action as long as they were having fun. Everyone thought their relationship was going well, but things changed on Maddie’s sister’s birthday. They had been dating for over five months, but on this day, Isaac broke up with her. He stated that because they were indifferent high schools and he felt like things were changing, so he thought it was best to end the relationship. The 13-year-old was devastated by this news. Read the full story here ▶