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11 Years After Boy Sends Shoebox Gift; He Receives A Life-Changing Message

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can have the biggest impact on our futures. Take Tyrel Wolfe and Joana Marchan for example: They were two people from opposite sides of the world brought together by a very simple act of kindness. Years went by without either one of them giving it a second thought. Then, because of the modern conveniences of social media, their lives were brought together in the most unexpected and heartwarming way; and it was all due to that one kind gesture years earlier. An extraordinary chain of events then unfolded, leading to one of the most unforgettable stories of connection in recent times.

1. A Strange Request

It was just a normal day for 18-year-old Tyrel Wolfe, he was going about his daily routine when he received an odd friend request on Facebook. For anyone who uses the social media site, you know that this happens to everyone once in a while. More often than not, it stirs wariness about some scams and spam.

Shoebox gift Ty

Facebook / Joana MW

So, keeping that in mind, Tyrel decided that he would just delete the random request from the stranger and move on with his life. He didn’t put much thought into it at the time. But little did he know, that that same person would eventually come back to play a major role in his life. Read the full article here ▶