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Woman Walks Past Homeless Man Every Day, Then He Hands Her A Note Revealing His True Identity

A woman walks past a homeless man every day. Then, he hands her a note revealing his true identity. After seeing him in the same spot every single day, Brazilian woman Shalimontaro decided to start talking to an elderly man she noticed in the street. After they got acquainted, she learned that he had been homeless for over three decades. It was after some time she spent talking to him every day that she learned that the man had a secret passion.

That’s when she realized she could actually change his life forever in more ways than one. Foreign Montero, a graduate from the NYU Stern School of Business, noticed something peculiar about the area she was walking in. She passed this street frequently, but this time she noticed something that caught her eye and made her want to stop and investigate. Read the full story here ▶