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Two City Workers Drag A Dog Behind Their Official Vehicle And Get Secretly Taped

A 1-year-old pit bull had been videotaped as it was dragged behind a city vehicle in Buenos Aires – while it was in motion.

The incident caused the young pup some bruises and cuts, but thankfully, they aren’t major.

Two council workers were responsible for this – and were fired after been discovered.

The video was uploaded by a motorist, who filmed the horrendous act via her cellphone, posting up on social media.

The two men responsible will face animal cruelty charges as a result.

The men had been working for a council-run business called COT, which was responsible for the city’s CCTV cameras, which totaled to more than 800. How ironic!

Take a look at the video below:

The dog has been successfully put up for adoption since its rescue, and is currently awaiting its forever loving home.