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Trans-Species Man Arrested Trying To Impregnate A Giraffe At The San Diego Zoo

Justin Bowers (36) of Palmdale California has been arrested after he broke into the San Diego Zoo’s “Urban Jungle” where the Giraffes are located. Justin has identified as a Giraffe for 3 years now. Sometime in the middle of the night on February 16th Justin broke into the zoo and made his way towards the Urban Jungle exhibit. Desperate to finally feel a part of, he made his way to a tall drink of water called, “Lizzy” whom he had preselected as a mate.

Justin planned on getting Lizzy pregnant and in doing so he imagined that Lizzy and the other giraffes would welcome him into their “Tower” (A group of Giraffes is referred to as a Tower). All his life, people have treated him differently for one reason or the other. Read the full story here ▶