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This Woman Made Her Husband Sleep On The Couch. Then Tragically, The Next Day, She Found Him Dead

All Englishwoman Ashley Merle wanted to do was spend more time with her hardworking husband. But it ended up coming between them. After a lover’s tip over the contentious topic one night in 2017, she banished her spouse Mikey to sleep on the couch. But to her horror, the next morning she touched his sleeping face to find its stone cold. Ashley screamed and sprinted out of the house in shock. Her partner of almost ten years was dead.

Ashley is a 33 year old mother of three from the small town of Wellington, Somerset in the southwest of England, UK. She already had a seven year old daughter, Morgan, when she started a relationship with Mikey back in 2007. Three years later, the couple were married and Mikey adopted Morgan in 2013. The family grew and twin brother and sister Mikey Jr and Lisa were welcomed into the world. But life was not plain sailing for the couple by any means, not with three mouths to feed. Ashley worked as a beauty therapist, while 36 yearold Mikey put in long shifts as a carpet cleaner. In fact, it was not unknown for him to work 16 hours in a row. Read the full story here ▶