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This baby was born with a massive adult-sized tongue! you won’t believe what she looks like today

The birth of a baby should be one of the most joyous events in any mom or dad’s life. But in 2015, Madison Kino and her partner Shannon Morrison Johnson, were immediately faced with alarm and fear at their daughter’s arrival. Even the South Dakota delivery doctors were reacted with shock at the newborn’s appearance.

The then 29 year old Keenau and Morris Johnson, 23, lived in the small city of Aberdeen, SD, and were very much looking forward to welcoming a new face. In June 2015, at seven months pregnant, Key now underwent a cesarean section at the Stanford Aberdeen Medical Center to deliver baby daughter Paisley Fey. However, that rapturous moment of joy came to an abrupt end when it became clear something was seriously wrong.

Prior to Paisley’s birth, Key now had undergone two ultrasounds, each time noting her daughter’s seemingly normal features. Nevertheless, there was one thing that stood out. Literally. The medical student spoke to CBS News in October 2016 and remembered thinking of her baby. Oh, cute. Read the full story here ▶