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They All Laugh When He Marries This Fat and Ugly Girl. Years Later, They all Regret it!

They all laughed when he married this fat and ugly girl. Years later, they all regretted it. No one thought this girl, Emilia, would ever find love because she was fat and ugly. However, she met this guy who happily declared his love for her, but everyone mocked them. Years later, they all regretted it after this shocking thing happened to the couple.

Amelia was born five years after her parents got married. Her parents were quite plumpy, so their kids were chubby as well. However, when Amelia was born, she was way bigger than her older siblings. Everyone loved to carry her and take pictures with her. Well, who doesn’t love a cute and chubby baby? Well, hardly anyone. Friends, relatives, and her siblings would pull her cheeks and say, “Omg, see those big cheeks! You were such a sweet, fat baby.”

But Amelia’s mother, Michelle, was worried her daughter’s size would just keep increasing. She was scared that someday her beloved daughter would face a lot of rejection from the world and they would call her derogatory names. Read the full story here ▶