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Teen Suddenly Runs From Dollar Store And Grabs Old Lady, But Has No Clue His Aunt Is Filming

In Experiment, Georgia, the 81-year-old woman drove herself to a local Dollar General.

All she needed was a soda.

Due to a recent injury, she was having some trouble walking.

When she stumbled many people saw but did nothing to help. Nothing.

Then one 17-year-old high school student did help. Watch the video and find out more.

I am glad someone finally had the right idea to help the woman.

What did all the other people think would happen to them if they helped?

Are we all so self-centered now that we can’t help an older person who is struggling?

I am impressed that the one person that did help her was a teenager.

Take a look at this video

We all think teenagers today are ‘wild and crazy’ – this young man was the only decent human being around.

I am glad his Aunt Connie was able to catch this sweet moment on video!

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