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Restaurant Owner Thinks That He Has Racoons, But Finds That It’s Something Else Entirely

A restaurant owner noticed something rustling in his trash and thought that he had raccoons visiting every night. But when he put out a camera to catch the animal making the mess in action, he found something very different instead. Sam was tired and ready to head home for the day. He glanced around his empty restaurant, double-checking that all the cleaning had been done and that everything was ready for the next morning. Satisfied, he grabbed the garbage bags and headed out to toss them in the dumpster.

He frowned at what he saw there. The dumpster was hanging open, some of its contents scattered across the alleyway and starting to smell. A lot of the trash was older leftover food, after all, and it didn’t keep well on the ground of an alley in the early summer. With a long-suffering sigh, Sam tossed the new bags into the dumpster and started cleaning up the mess. He was tired but didn’t want the smell to get worse.

“There must be raccoons in the area,” he thought, “so he better do something to keep this from happening again.” He finished cleaning and decided to just make sure that the lid was closed properly, assuming that he’d forgotten the night before. The basic latch was enough to keep most animals out, so Sam figured that the raccoon should move on and he wouldn’t need to call an exterminator. Read the full story here ▶