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Policeman Sees Own Photo in Old Stack of Missing Children Files, then discovers something shocking

Policemen see his own photo in an old stack of missing children. Files then discover something shocking officer. Parker had seen some tough days as a kid and grew up to become a successful cop. One day he found his childhood photo in a stack of missing children’s case files and it revealed things about his past. He had never imagined an officer. Parker took a sip of black coffee from the paper couple. He sat behind the desk. Rereading the Case.

Files pulled an all-nighter again, you better look into the mirror once in a while man, his partner officer, reset, as he walked in case dude, signed officer, Parker, tossing the file on his table, I’m not sure who’s lying and guess what I went over their statements. 10 times, is it their housekeep or children was everyone in on it together, Molly still got some time for that wan na grab a quick breakfast. My wi fe was asleep, so she didn’t cook your treat, asked the officer. Read the full story here ▶