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Old Man Walks past Beggar with a Baby every day, Notices Child Is Always Asleep and Hardly Moves

An elderly man grew suspicious when he saw a beggar with a child that never cried or moved, so he decided to follow her. I suppose it all started because Brian Pemberley was missing his grandchildren. His only son had moved away from their native New Orleans all the way to Seattle, and Brian missed him.

His lovely wife and his Ford, boisterous delightful grandchildren, Brian’s wife of 30 years, had passed away four years before, and with his son and his family gone, he was feeling very alone. That was why he took to walking down to the picturesque French Quarter for a coffee and beignet every afternoon.

That was where he saw the beggar. For the first time, the woman was sitting on the pavement in front of a popular bar, and beside her, wrapped up in a bundle of ragged blankets, was a baby about one year old. She was a brunette in her 40s, with a hard face and a weedling smile that showed curious teeth. “Please, sir. I need money to buy food for my baby, sir,” she won Brian over. Read the full story here ▶