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Man Visits Mom’s Grave, Sees a Tombstone with His Name and Photo of a Child Nearby

A man’s mother has passed away, so he comes to his hometown to pay his respects to her. He’s shocked when he finds a tombstone bearing his name and a child’s photo near her grave. Martin had not visited his hometown since he moved to Europe to establish a career as an acrobat. His mother had been old and fragile, and she didn’t work, so Martin used to send her a monthly allowance to cover her utility bills and other things. But one day, he checked the joint account they shared and noticed the money was lying there untouched.

At that moment, Martin knew something was wrong, and he dialed an old friend in his hometown only to learn his dear mother was gone. “When did it happen? Father’s family said they couldn’t reach you. It’s been over two months,” Martin’s friend Alicia said. “She missed you, you know that. Read the full story here ▶