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Her husband refused to have kids, gets the shock of her life when she found out why!

Margaret was a 43-year-old, married woman. She loved her husband, alex dearly, but a part of her always felt as if something was missing in her life as she never had. Children Margaret had always wanted to be a mother, but her husband didn’t want to have children. It would be a lot better for us not to have any kids. Children will just leave their parents when they’re older anyway.

He would tell her alex promised Margaret a life full of love, security and adventure. Since they didn’t have children, he promised they would go on luxurious vacations and travel the world whenever they got the chance. However years passed by and these ended up being empty promises, alex would constantly go on business trips and only spend two to three days at home. It’s for our future. He would tell Margaret whenever she complained about not being able to spend any time with him. Read the full story here ▶