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Family adopt a 5 yr old girl but when she learns to speak english they discover the horrifying truth

Many Americans are turning to overseas adoption to fulfill their visions for their family. Although they have good intentions, they are guided by international adoption agencies to find children who need homes. One Ohio couple went through this process believing they’d found a daughter who would complete their family. Little did they know she had a terrible secret.

When Adam and Jessica Davis decided they wanted to adopt a child, they were overjoyed. They already had four children of their own, but they were growing up. It was time for another child. However, they didn’t think it made sense to have another biological child when there were so many unwanted children. They also didn’t need to adopt a baby.

They decided to search for an agency to help them adopt internationally, the Davis has started working with an agency based in Ohio called European Adoption Consultants. The goal of the agency was to give orphans the opportunity to find parents in America. That seemed like a worthy goal to the Davis family. After a short period of time, the agency called to tell the couple about a girl they located. Her name was Namata, and she desperately needed a home. Read the full story here ▶