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Dying Woman Says Goodbye to Her Parrot. The Bird’s Answer Will Make You Cry!

When you have children, many of the parents are filled with such responsibility that. They dedicate their lives to looking for. A good resource to give their children quality of life. But what happens when time passes and these are old? Who watches over them now? Giana as a young nurse who works diligently at the city hospital. She’s a very dedicated young woman because.

She strives to provide the best service. And learn how to treat people. She’s a bit tired today because she. Covered an 18 hours shift so far. But that’s no excuse for her to change the treatment of people. Quite the contrary, she’s now more willing. Than she was at the beginning of her day. One afternoon in an ambulance and under. An emergency situation, an old woman arrived.

At the hospital in alarming condition. Her lungs were collapsed and she had a cardiac arrhythmia. When she’s received at the hospital, she’s identified as Margaret a pollinario. She caught the attention of the doctors because she arrived by herself, without family or friends. When they asked the paramedic for the. Report, he confessed that her call came. From the house of one of her. Read the full story here ▶