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Delivery Boy Gives Old, Lonely Lady Free Food Every Day. She goes after him to find out who pays

A lonely elderly lady was left confused after she started receiving complimentary deliveries from a courier who refused to say where the packages came from. One day, she followed him to find out. Evelyn was a 72-year-old woman who lived alone. She didn’t have any relatives living nearby and was a widow who got by with a little shared love from her pension after paying off her late husband’s loans. One day, a delivery man knocked on her door and handed her a bag filled with food.

“You must have the wrong address, dear. I didn’t order any groceries,” Evelyn told him. She was about to close the door on him when the man shook his hand. “Evelyn James, right? I think this is the right address,” he said. Read the full story here ▶