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Boy Gets ‘Pencil’ Stuck In Ear, Doctor Pulls Out Something Much Worse

Kids often capture the hearts of adults with their sense of wonder and delight, but there can be times when that same wonder is questioned when they do some weird things. This was the case of a particular boy who had something stuck in his ear, but there’s a strange plot twist. The young boy thought it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he shoved a pencil in his ear, and it inevitably got stuck in there.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye. Plenty of small children will take random items and try to fit them in their noses, ears, or eyes just because they’re curious. The reason behind this is that children are learning about the world around them by experimenting through touch. The boy with the pencil in his ear was Louis King, and he was not a toddler anymore, so his poor grandmother was shocked to hear what he was going to tell her. If a child is younger than four, then it’s common for them to put things in their mouths, ears, or eyes. Read the full story here ▶